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Unfortunately these are so often the people who choose what films and directors get funding, what stories are worth uplifting and pushing.

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There is all sorts of wholesome queer love and magic in cartoons like Steven Universe, and shows like Shrill on Netflix have prominent characters who are POC lesbians. That being said, the mainstream representation on display is a tiny drop in the giant bucket of popular culture. In fact, there have been LGBTQ creators both in and out of the closet who have been influencing and creating films since the beginning of film.

From Thursday Oct. It presents the earliest and usually. Scream, Queen! In addition to documentaries, there are feature films, animated piece, short films, international films and beyond. The body of work on display at Reel Q reveals there are so many queer stories that need to be told, and so many people who can benefit from hearing and seeing those stories. The executive director of Reel Q. Film Festival, T. Murphy, took a moment to answer some questions about the upcoming festival at Row House Cinema.

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How has Reel Q evolved since its inception? What was your goal this year? The film festival started in as part of a partnership with Pittsburgh Filmmakers. It was a weekend-long event for the first few years, but then we started to grow, and in , we registered as a nonprofit, formed a board and started running as an independent organization. ART entire world.

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We are also the longest consecutively running film festival in Pittsburgh. Our goal this year, as always, is to create a space for the community to engage with award winning queer cinema and make new friends. What does the selection process look like for this festival? How many submissions do you generally receive, and how do you decide what makes the cut? We have a committee of volunteers who meet once a week year-round to screen brand new, first-run festival circuit films from every corner of the globe. It takes the entire year to sift through everything.

We keep an eye on what will be meaningful for the Pittsburgh community, and what our audience should see that they may not necessarily be able to access elsewhere. A lot of the films we screen end up disappearing or falling into obscurity, we look for films that are impactful and then make them accessible. Why do you think queer voices and faces are so often left out of popular culture? What can film fans and viewers do to push for more representation?

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The most important start is to support queer artists. Coming together as a community with like-minded people and supporting queer artists who are telling our stories on the big screen. All people are hungry to tell their stories and be heard today. What films are you most excited about his year? That's an impossible question to answer! Every film in the line-up this year is worth a trip!

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That being said, we have some really special events this year. Open to everyone and pay what makes you happy for anyone 21 and under. My Nightmare on Elm Street, an examination of the infamous homoerotic subtext of Nightmare on Elm St 2 and the special place the film holds in the Nightmare franchise as well as the gay film canon.

Partly in thanks to evolving social mores, Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - which was considered controversial at the time of its release - is now being looked back upon with a new appreciation and fondness by horror aficionados and. Stick around for the midnight screening of the film and a complimentary bloody cocktail. What different kinds of events can people can look forward to this year? We do have some exciting parties this year. Our opening and closing night parties are at Row House— opening night will feature a local queer DJ, drinks and food from Lawrenceville restaurants.

This will be followed by a mini-performance by the Renaissance City Choir. After the performance local production company Dump Star Media will be co-presenting our after party with a live performance by Rob Boss, vendors, and more! Since , The Pittsburgh Lesbian. ART extent of people of color, but racist policies meant for people of color typically end up harming white people, too.

It ends up harming Americans. You can tell that shared story. Talk to me about space. About black spaces, and about integrated and protected space. I wanted to emphasize that not just black people but black spaces are viewed as less than or inferior. Spaces where black people govern or are in the majority are viewed as inferior to white spaces. To be an antiracist is to not just view people as equal, but to also view their spaces as equals. For racist white people, the solution to racial problems is herding of people of color into white spaces and the elimination of all spaces created and maintained by people of color.

Thereby, it would be very difficult for people of color to reproduce and create culture and ways of life that are distinct from the cultures and ways of life of white people. Racist ideas sound chemically engineered to trigger certain sensors in your brain, like fast-food. Historically, the most powerful people have had the bully pulpits and the platforms from which they can project those racist ideas. While antiracist ideas have typically come from the margins of society. Racist ideas are meant to be believed. They are tailored for human consumption. For those who project these ideas -- truth doesn't matter, complexity doesn't matter.

With antiracist ideas, what matters fundamentally is truth and logic and evidence. With clear, audacious and innovative thinking, his new book, 'How to Be an Antiracist' One World Press, , blows the doors off institutional racism and its real world effects. In light of the recent study ranking Pittsburgh as one of the most unhealthy cities in America for black residents, Kendi's visit feels especially essential. He spoke to the Current via telephone from his home in Washington, D.

Answers have been edited for length. Can you talk about the terms 'racist' and 'antiracist' and 'not racist? Every group of racists in American history have self-identified themselves as 'not racist. A large part of our debate over who or what is racist has been based on differing definitions of. Americans cannot define racists in a way that always exonerates them and, I think, historically, that's what Americans have normally been doing.

The term 'not racist' has always been a defensive term. A racist constantly denies the ways in which they are being racist; an antiracist constantly recognizes and admits the ways in which they are being racist, so they can be different and better.

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You write that Americans have been trained to see the deficiencies of people rather than policy. But we also hear that people need stories and narratives. How do we bridge that divide?

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It's hard to tell the story of a policy. But you can tell the stories of how people are the victims of racists policies. Not only by telling the story of how people of color are victimized by mass incarceration -- you can simultaneously tell the story of white people who are victimized by mass incarceration. White people have been mass incarcerated, not to the. Can you talk about the intersection of racism and capitalism, racism and colonialism, homophobia, misogyny?

Racism reinforces all these other forms of bigotry and bigoted policies. Individuals are not just racialized -- they have a gender or they're non-gendered. They have a class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality. So bigotry towards one's sexual orientation, or one's gender or one's class, intersects with bigotry towards one's race. Can you talk more about the intoxicating nature of racist ideas? Generally speaking, racist ideas connote that the problem is people, antiracist ideas connote that the problem is bad policy. Part of the reason why racist ideas are so seductive and widespread is because they are easy to believe.

Antiracist ideas are much more complex and much harder to believe. People regularly see, for lack of a better term, the bad behaviors of people in their face. It's easier to believe that the problem in general is precisely what they see on a day to day basis. Since policy is more removed, oftentimes hidden, it's very difficult for people to see. Although the opera features a new setting, the plot points remain the same, she says.

Although some productions. Louis and Syracuse Opera. The Bay Area resident now calls Pittsburgh home base. First time attending the opera? Don Giovanni Craig Verm is a charming nobleman who, with the help of his right-hand man, Leporello Musa Ngqungwana , keeps a journal of his many conquests. Don Giovanni sexually assaults Donna Anna Rachelle Durkin , then kills her father, the Commendatore Brian Kontes , who had tried to come to her defense.

By the end of the show, Giovanni faces consequences for his actions. However, this is her ninth production with Pittsburgh Opera. Various times. Benedum Center. It is a time the imagination can run wild, making it a favorite time of year for lovers of the fantastic. Panza Gallery was opened by Mark Panza in as both a framing shop and a space to feature local art. As part of the open call, artists were to take inspiration from not only Labyrinth, but also from legendary creators of fantasy illustration.

In keeping with this theme, the art submitted thus far runs the gamut of subject matter and medium. Some were even compelled to create outside the bounds of stationary art pieces. Multimedia artist Ethan Michaels submitted an original animated short, inspired both by Labyrinth as well as M. The ball will also feature live music, a DJ, and caricature artist Jack Puglisi. All this is to spread the spirit of the Halloween season, and remind us of the continued influence of artists, past and present.

An opening reception will be held on October 12 from 6 to 9 p. Tickets for the Masquerade Ball are limited to the first registrants. For more information, visit panzagallery. Drawing from avant funk, free jazz and experimental rock, Centipede Eest knew how to get people psyched. The band faded out in as everyone got busy with life stuff.

If you missed the first wave of Eest fever, take this as a sign and get to the gig. Brillobox, Penn Ave. This collaboration features paintings and staged readings of the play In Shelter by local actresses. There is no ticket price, but donations will be accepted. A pre-show starting at will feature food from local restaurants, all included in the ticket price.

This event benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and local scholarships. Tour the History Center after hours while enjoying a hot dog bar and cocktails from Wigle Whiskey. The release show, at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, also. Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village partners with the Society for Pennsylvania Archeology for a day-long event. Learn how archeologists use modern technology to uncover the lives of prehistoric people and bring artifacts to have them professionally identified. Students, children, active servicemembers and veterans, seniors, and History Center members receive discounted admission.

He was particularly popular with young Christians, who were relieved to hear a fellow person of faith express their own darkest thoughts and doubts. Then over a series of solo records, Bazan dealt publically with his gradual questioning, and eventual loss of faith, thereby alienating a major part of his base. The film has enjoyed positive reviews since first showing at SXSW — quellemovies. Braddock Ave. Pop-punk devotees, dust off your Vans and break out the Manic Panic.

The time has come to join with your brethren this Sunday, Oct. The fest also includes, for the first time, live professional wrestling courtesy of Ryse Pro Wrestling. Station Square Drive. The event is free with reservation either online, by phone or at the door starting at p. Attendees can explore their family trees, watch live cooking demonstrations, browse an Italian American bazaar and enjoy more activities on every floor of the museum. Children age 17 and under receive free admission. The event is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be provided.

Free EA. The Heinz History Center, the Western Pennsylvania Disability History and Action Consortium, Disability Rights Pennsylvania and Disability Voting Coalition partner to host a number of speakers and panels on the history of voting access for disabled Pennslyvanians and ongoing efforts to ensure that access. Inspired by the likes of Zepplin, Hendrix and Deep Purple, the Tokyo-based trio the name stands for Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet takes those hard-rock grooves past a point of containment.

Guitarist and founding member Shinji Masuko who last performed in Pittsburgh solo, in has a knack for building and deconstructing sound, and DMBQ knows how to send its listeners to outer space. Go get your mind blown when the band plays Brillobox on Thursday, Oct. Terry and the Cops, Expires and Scam Plans also appear. Attendees receive a late night snack, continental breakfast. One Allegheny Ave. CPR and various kinds of first aid. Class sizes are limited to 15 people, and pets should be left at home. Preregistration is required.

Sing songs with friends and enjoy some jelloshots. Enjoy live music and local foods while browsing a variety of vendors and booths. Potomac Ave.

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  5. Purchase authentic foods and baked goods, and enter a basket raffle to win prizes. The Mad Scientist and his three lab assistants promise an entertaining trip down the three rivers of Pittsburgh. Kids can participate in the experiments, and a Halloweenthemed DJ dance party will follow. The Neighborhood Flea holds their last event of Look for hidden treasures made by local craftsmen and enjoy live music and good food from Pittsburgh vendors.

    He argues that the explanation of how language works "needed to be grounded in a functional analysis, since language had evolved in the process of carrying out certain critical functions as human beings interacted with their Halliday's notion of language functions, or " metafunctions ", became part of his general linguistic theory. The final volume of Halliday's 10 volumes of Collected Papers is called Language in society , reflecting his theoretical and methodological connection to language as first and foremost concerned with "acts of meaning".

    This volume contains many of his early papers, in which he argues for a deep connection between language and social structure. Halliday argues that language does not exist merely to reflect social structure. For instance, he writes:. Rather we should say that linguistic structure is the realization of social structure, actively symbolizing it in a process of mutual creativity. Because it stands as a metaphor for society, language has the property of not only transmitting the social order but also maintaining and potentially modifying it. This is undoubtedly the explanation of the violent attitudes that under certain social conditions come to be held by one group towards the speech of others.

    In enumerating his claims about the trajectory of children's language development, Halliday eschews the metaphor of "acquisition", in which language is considered a static product which the child takes on when sufficient exposure to natural language enables "parameter setting". By contrast, for Halliday what the child develops is a "meaning potential".

    Learning language is Learning how to mean , the name of his well-known early study of a child's language development. Halliday identifies seven functions that language has for children in their early years. For Halliday, children are motivated to develop language because it serves certain purposes or functions for them. The first four functions help the child to satisfy physical, emotional and social needs. Halliday calls them instrumental, regulatory, interactional, and personal functions. The next three functions are heuristic, imaginative, and representational, all helping the child to come to terms with his or her environment.

    According to Halliday, as the child moves into the mother tongue, these functions give way to the generalized "metafunctions" of language. In this process, in between the two levels of the simple protolanguage system the "expression" and "content" pairing of the Saussure's sign , an additional level of content is inserted. Instead of one level of content, there are now two: lexicogrammar and semantics.

    The "expression" plane also now consists of two levels: phonetics and phonology. Halliday's work is sometimes seen as representing a competing viewpoint to the formalist approach of Noam Chomsky. Halliday's stated concern is with "naturally occurring language in actual contexts of use" in a large typological range of languages. Critics of Chomsky often characterise his work, by contrast, as focused on English with Platonic idealization, a characterization which Chomskyans reject see Universal Grammar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other people named Michael Halliday, see Michael Halliday disambiguation. Leeds , Yorkshire, England. On Grammar , Vol. London: Continuum. In Systemic Perspectives on Discourse, Vol. Benson and William S. Greaves eds. In On Grammar , Vol. Cohesion in English. Intonation in the Grammar of English , Equinox Publishing. Spoken and written English. Oxford University Press. A title that is also on the cover of her book on the warrior, 'Hari Singh Nalwa-Champion of the Khalsaji' published by Manohar also has a Gurmukhi translation.

    NPCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries. James's Road, Croydon, Surrey. Our mission is to ensure that even as we become the cynosure of all eyes due to our philanthropic work, we remain true to the ideals of Sikhism. The book and the stamp will be released on April 30 in Delhi. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. We provides Saradhar mp3 katha's songs in formats like mp4, hd, webm, mkv, flv, wmv, 3gp, wav, mp3.

    A book dedicated to the bhakti saints. April Discussions on Dr. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, as patron of the arts, by Ranjit Singh. Indian youth need role models like Dara Singh, a pure Punjabi at heart, and it would help in keeping them away from drug addiction, he added. The private hunting ground "Elen" is the vicinity of the town Etropole is located in the heart of the beautiful Balcan mountain, only 80 km away from the Sofia airport, on the highway to Varna.

    Comic book series on 'Superhero' Dara Singh to motivate youth in Punjab. In order to strengthen the relations, both the communities will be doing culture exchange by exchanging the list of most important articles considered by each language community.

    Ranjit Singh has been largely written out of accounts of India's past by British historians, yet he was one of the most powerful and charismatic figures in Indian history. Its secular administration implemented military, economic and governmental reforms. The discussion shows the response of the central government to. Bhai Maharaj Singh-Punjabi.

    But most of Hari Singh time was spent at Lahore, his division was situated in Lahore. Sikh Total population 25 million Regions with significant populations There is 3 option download source for everfi savings quiz answers PDF Full Ebook. Here are the 13 great emperors of Bharat ancient India. Former foreign minister Jaswant Singh and Talbott listened to each other rather than lecture each other. Bhai Jawahar Singh, son of the legendary general of the Sikh Raj, Hari Singh Nalwa, had his lands taken away and was refused even a pension to live on, while the traitor Teja Singh was given a landed estate with a handsome income for the rest of his life.

    What fortress of great military importance did Hari Singh Nalwa capture? Fortress at Jamrud. Sardar Shyam Singh Atari Amritsar, Aug 30 The heroic exploits of legandary Dara Singh, in the ring and outside it, would soon come in a graphic avatar as a comic book series is set to be launched on the wrestling icon's life. He gained prominence due to his involvement in the Sikh-Nirankari clash. It contains institutes in cities, all over India. At the time of his death, he was the only sovereign leader left in India, all others having come under the control of the East India Company in some way or the other.

    Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. The author of these comics, Daljeet Singh Sidhu, was kind enough to answer a few questions about his project. Sikh Guru Period - This ethnographic case study examines the language socialization experiences of Hari, a Punjabi-speaking English language learner integrated into a mainstream kindergarten classroom in an urban area of British Columbia, Canada. Our vechiles latest model and neat and clean with best drivers.

    The Gurdwara is very beautiful from both inside and outside. In , to escape arrest, he along with Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa was the great Commander-in-chief of the Sikh Army whose courage and strength are unparalleled in Sikh History. See more ideas about Guru gobind singh, Vand and Ek onkar.

    A review on graphene-based nanocomposites for electrochemical and fluorescent biosensors. Struggle against Oppression - National institute of silicon technology was established in Hari Singh Nalwa has 50 books on Goodreads with 35 ratings. Reading is a spare time activity to open the information windows.

    Tak banyak momen menarik yang sempat. He was the first General to march ahead of an army from India up to the Khyber pass, since the time of Aurangzeb. This present work brings out the unique military genius of Hari Singh Nalwa , the celebrated General of the Sikh army. Rai for free with a 30 day free trial. Maharaja Ranjit Singh confiscated major portion of the property worth over 5 lakhs and distributed 19, rupees to the brothers. Three radio stations were working at the time of partition. Martial arts using flail at the most Vaisakhi important celebration in the Sikh calendar marked by the Sikh Community of Greater Manchester, with their annual Nagar Kirtan procession through the streets of the city.

    Pandit Birbal came to the Royal court at Lahore to describe the tribulations of Kashmiris. Language : Punjabi. He was a scholar of Persian and had a huge library of rare manuscripts. Manchester, UK. Revival of Sikh Identity - Personal data of more than 2. RSC Advances , 9 16 ,