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Williamson Theatre Company. He also worked for a time recording musical sessions for local radio. He was classically trained at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he studied piano, clarinet, theory and composition.

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During this time, Mackay was responsible for producing 30 hit singles and discovering some of Australia's most popular pop acts; he is probably best known in Australia as the producer of most of the Australian recordings made by The Twilights , one of Australia's most popular bands of the mids; his credits include the band's ambitious swansong Once Upon A Twilight.

Mackay's Australian commercial success led to an internal transfer to the firm's United Kingdom offices, where Mackay went on to work at the legendary Abbey Road studios. They also produced the album alongside David Mackay. Musically, the album features country and pop songs. In the United States, the album was titled It's a Heartache.

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Directories Community directory Community volunteer directory Street directory My Community directory. Profiles Community growth profiles. Mackay ARC. Mackay ARC now open! In fact, Katriona finds out that she can actually touch him. But no matter, Katriona will have her revenge! Something happened when he was young Now this poses a big problem.

Unless they can claim souls, the sisters are in trouble with Cliodnah. All three are worried that there are no souls to be claimed now, not the ones they targeted anyway. Then we learn that he has been secretly in love with her ever since he met her, but it never really went anywhere. Katriona was also attracted to Rory, but she was never considered the beauty of the family, and so, she never thought a gorgeous specimen like Rory would ever be interested in her.

Then again, the way his father and brother were, it was better for Katriona to keep distance from them. For all the good it did. Rory is attracted to her as a man should be. But in his heart, he wants Katriona still, not knowing what to do. They even somehow managed to have sex earlier which was sort of odd for me to read, banshee and human sex Then, some weird, and sometimes harmful, things happen and Rory accuses Katriona and her banshee sisters for everything.

He even brings in a scary looking druid to get rid of them but the druid refuses seeing Kylah hovering nearby I could just feel the vibes between them! Ooh lala. Sorry to say but I kind of lost my interest by then. Things were happening very fast for me to believe in them. But what really bugged me was the ultimate solution.

A big NO NO. I mean how can Katriona and Rory not be bothered by it????? Hmm, who would she be paired with? Guess I just have to wait to find out! View all 3 comments. Mar 18, Mei rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal. Much too short While the others were short too, the story felt complete. Here the story was really, really too quickly done. I din't feel so strongly the connection between hero and heroine.

Rory was a nice enough guy, but he was only sketched not enough structured Kat was understandably very angry who wouldn't be?! But the such a strong connection between the two of them was too quick. Also the sex parts were strange I supposed it was meant to be Much too short I supposed it was meant to be hot, but I found them just confusing At the end there's mention of straps and whips implying that there was some kinky staff going on, but there was nothing kinky before The only reason for that that I could find is that Rory enjoyed pain during sex the first time, but I understood that there couldn't be sex without pain when she was a banshee, so I just thought that their pull was so strong that they felt they must overcome it in order to love each other I didn't connect this with kinky untill the end and then I just felt cheated I would have liked to know more about the pact her mother made with Cliodnah.

What happens with her sisters now that their "targets" are dead? Maybe this will be explained in the next books I hope so Mar 05, Tiffinie Helmer rated it it was amazing. Oh my screaming banshees! Loved this book. It was different than a lot of what I've recently read, and so refreshing. I couldn't see how Kerrigan was going to write herself out of this one and she did. It was great.

Lots of lore and Highlanders. All my favorite things. Can't wait for the next book. Feb 27, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-urban-fantasy , historical-romance , own-as-an-ebook. From the first couple of pages I was sucked into this story. I was supposed to be working on something else but had a few minutes to spare and I made the mistake of starting this book.

Within the first couple of pages I was hooked! I was click, click, clicking away until I realized how in deep I was and that I had to get back on task, but man putting the book down to get my work done was so damn hard. The story From the first couple of pages I was sucked into this story.

I, Witness (Madison Attallee, #1) by Niki Mackay

The story where is not long, it leaves a lasting impression. It is full of powerful emotion and characters you quickly come to care for. Kerrigan Byrne is a master a creating atmosphere and pulling you into her world. She describes things in such a way that it almost feels like you are there. The textures and atmosphere of the story are alive and vibrant. I found myself misting up a bit because of the pain that these young women endured. She never knew that Rory had deep seeded feelings for her for years and that he had been mourning her. And as a Banshee, her magic is powerful.

Perplexed Katriona spends more and more time haunting Rory, but the more time she spends with him the less she wants to kill him. But her time is running out, she has a year from her death to extract her revenge or she can never be released from her curse.

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The push and pull between Katriona and Rory is intense. Rory is noble man; he is the youngest son of a monster and younger brother to a man just as bad as his father. All of his life he has been paying for the sins of the father and brother.


Now, they are gone and he is doing everything he can make up for their reign of terror. He puts the needs of his clan ahead of his and his heart aches for everything that his father and brother had done. He knows there is no way he can make up for it all, but he does as much as he can even sacrificing himself and the one thing he had always wanted.

Rory has an understated power about him; he commands but is not overt about it. Dec 12, Rachel Annie rated it really liked it Shelves: freebies , paranormal-uf-romance , historical-romance. Released is the first of Kerrigan Byrne's novella series about the MacKay Banshees, three sisters who perished violently in a fire set by the former laird. Problem is, the former laird was our hero Rory MacKay's sick and twisted brother. As new laird, Rory wants to reverse the damage done to his clan by his brother, and do his best for his people.

Series blurb:

All our heroine wants is revenge for her her family and herself. I enjoyed this one, though not as much as I did the connected novella series about the Released is the first of Kerrigan Byrne's novella series about the MacKay Banshees, three sisters who perished violently in a fire set by the former laird. I enjoyed this one, though not as much as I did the connected novella series about the MacLauchlan Berserkers.

Katriona is a strong woman, and Rory is an honorable man, and Ms. Byrnes' prose is great as usual.

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But for some reason this one didn't quite have the "oomph" the MacLauchlans had. I was rooting for the couple, and their attraction was palpable. However, the resolution sorta kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Eh, even so it's a great read. It's usually the promise of learning the stories of other characters which make me want to continue a series, and this is no different. The introduction of an enigmatic character known as The Druid has me curious to see what Ms.

Byrne has in store for him. Mar 09, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , free-ebooks , ebooks , read-in , historical. Just to be contrary, I've read books 2 and 4 now in this series and, ooooooh! Braw Highland Lairds, Berserker rages, Banshees This story tied in nicely with book 2 Rory had hired Connor to kill his corrupt brother, Connor finds his destined mate Although, why you'd want to do that is a mystery to me.

Andrew T Mackay

Did you see the part about braw highland lairds and Berserker rages? Those thi Just to be contrary, I've read books 2 and 4 now in this series and, ooooooh! Those things are kinda awesome when you're reading about them. Admittedly, this book has no Berserkers. It does have a banshee or three, though. And a doomed love.

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  8. And hot sexin' in the bath. The setup for the next book looks verrrrry promising here's to hoping at least one of Katriona's banshee sisters finds some happiness and the resolution to Kat's little problem was unexpected. To me, at least. Fun, sexy, and a just dark enough to make me giddy. Mar 22, Lance rated it really liked it Shelves: erotica , drama. Released has all of the elements found in Kerrigan Byrne's stories that have made me a fan of hers.

    The characters are wonderfully developed and portrayed, especially the male characters. The hero of Released, Rory, is a tough Laird but has regret at the actions of his brother and of course love in this heart for Katriona. This portrayal of the hero is excellent as the reader will truly feel like he or she is becoming part of Rory's life. While I do enjoy Ms. Byrne's writing, this particular sto Released has all of the elements found in Kerrigan Byrne's stories that have made me a fan of hers. Byrne's writing, this particular story didn't resonate with me as much as the first three stories of the series, mainly because of the paranormal elements.

    I was. By the end of the story it all made sense Nonetheless, this story is well worth the time to read because of the wonderful characters as only Ms. Byrne can portray. Four and a half stars. Mar 10, Dawn Sullivan rated it it was amazing. Kerrigan continues her epic series and it continues to amaze me. We get hot beserker warriors in the previous novella's and in this new novella we get beautiful badass Banshee's Kerrigan continues to grab and keep your interest and attention with each new tale.

    They are all different and special.

    I, Witness

    Her characters always stand out and stay with you. They are easy to connect and fall in love with. There is always a perfect amount action, mystery, emotion, passion, lust and sizzling romance. I l WOW!