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Then I get up and write for three hours on that topic.

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I rarely go to sleep without giving myself something to noodle on. Somehow there is some sort of subconscious processing going on and I usually wake up with a bunch of really good ideas. I could tell you the story of my career and make it look like it was completely planned and there were never any side trips. I would never have imagined it. There were many, many places along the way where the advice I was getting was counterintuitive to what I wanted to do.

You know why? Because it tests your conviction about how important it is to you.

Change Your Environment

You need the right surrounding environment. You have to model it and put rules and rewards in place to support it.

So, if you want people to do big things and take big risks, then you need to celebrate all the parts of that process. Cubicles were designed to mimic prisons and when people walk into spaces like that it really sucks the life out of them. When people come over to the d. They just want to be in that space.

Space tells a story and space is a stage on which you play out your life. If you want certain things to happen there then you need to figure out what the set is going to look like. I think it is extremely important that people believe they have the power to creatively reinvent the world and their lives. More Posts by Cook. Really like how she views creativity as languages.

Unleash Your Creativity (MOOC Review)

Yet worse still creativity is unlearned. I watch my 9 month old son fully explorative, playful, creative and alive. So much to process from this article and video. I really like the way she talks about the interconnected realities of creativity. I have been fascinated by the interplay between routine and creativity. I wonder how Seelig would address that in terms of the mobia strip and beyond.

Though it displayed the same visual concept and strategy, I thought the video clips that were presented in the presentation took a great approach to how small detail and change broaden the outcome of most results. Absolutely, but it is a shame that the opportunities to learn creativity in an institutional environment i.

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Great video. Thanks for this thoughtful piece. I thought the video clips that she presented in the presentation took a great approach to how small detail and change broadens the outcome of most results. Great Video. So true about creativity and how space, environments and culture can motivate everyone.


Open spaces and large work areas can inspire our inner artists to explore creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Simpleā€¦ Get out of the office and do something that you enjoy. Laura Entis - September Danielle Barnes - September These simple exercises can be invaluable for personal and professional growth. Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way. Tina Essmaker - September The hunt and capture of inspiration requires patience, craftiness, and sometimes brute force.

We asked three creatives about the traps to set for when inspiration comes your way and how to hold on for dear life once you've got it. Laura Entis - August Their firm, IDEO, designed the first mouse for Apple along with the first laptop, and the company has won numerous innovation awards. Instead of fostering and developing it, you focus on other abilities. But how do we tap into that creativity within us? Here are some ideas they offer in cultivating a creative spark:. Here are some ideas they offer in cultivating a creative spark: Choose creativity. Stop squashing that little kid inside of you.

Make a commitment to decide you want to revive your innovative voice. Think like a traveler. Expose yourself to new situations or information. Listen to a TED talk , read information from other industries and try to experience new things that may spark an idea. For example, the head of a London hospital was so impressed with the precision of a Formula One pit crew he watched on television during a race that he asked them to help train hospital staff members to improve chaotic patient handoffs from surgery to the intensive care unit.

New findings in neuro-psychology find that flashes of insight often come when your mind is relaxed on completing a specific task. Kelley says one of the first steps is allowing yourself to step away from the computer or smartphone, to simply allow your mind to wander. He says he reaches a creative state upon waking and often has a pen and paper nearby to jot down his ideas when his brain is in a relaxed state.

Be empathetic. Remove your own ego from the equation when it comes to generating new ideas by taking the time to observe the people who need the solutions.