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From bagels to bacon, pancakes to protein shakes, these keto breakfast recipes will keep you and your macros satisfied all morning long. Related: New to keto? Get your complete guide here. No pepperoni or cheese here! With 7 net carbs, it makes for a balanced breakfast with coffee or tea. Smother it in butter and low-carb strawberry jam , or use it as a base for breakfast sandwiches with avocado, bacon, or eggs. Another perfect delivery system for schmearing grass-fed butter or stacking meat and eggs.

These herby bagels get their spongy texture from a combination of almond flour, xanthan gum, and psyllium husk. Best of all, you can enjoy this keto breakfast recipe at only 4.

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Swap in coconut milk for almond milk, and make sure you use grass-fed butter and non-GMO erythritol to keep this keto breakfast recipe Bulletproof. With a little bit of cauliflower rice and psyllium husk, you can create the perfect hash brown-style base for runny eggs and crispy bacon. Just 5. While tender, chocolatey donuts are perfect on their own, this keto breakfast recipe amps them up with a rich and sweet glaze. Pair with coffee and tea, or enjoy as dessert if you can wait that long. For more Bulletproof donuts, use grass-fed butter and mold-free coffee, plus full-fat coconut milk instead of heavy cream in the glaze.

This magical latte is the reason we get up in the morning. This keto breakfast recipe shows the official way to make Bulletproof Coffee, plus the science-backed reasons why it works to suppress your hunger and switch on your brain. Plus, 0 net carbs! This cool and creamy keto breakfast recipe still delivers a dose of caffeine while supplying healthy fats from coconut milk and Brain Octane. With 4. Earthy turmeric adds a golden hue to this creamy fat-fueled keto breakfast recipe.

Enjoying it in the morning only sets you back 3 net carbs. This spin on the OG Bulletproof Coffee uses adaptogens to lift your mood and fight fatigue. Plus, your coffee gets benefits from anti-inflammatory turmeric and vanilla bean for a sweet and satisfying way to start the day. Each serving of this keto breakfast recipe is less than 1 net carb, too. Cannabidiol CBD oil is optional in this keto breakfast recipe, but a perfect addition if you like to enjoy it in the morning.

Caffeine-free rooibos tea gets upgraded with grass-fed ghee , collagen protein, and CBD oil for a warm and creamy latte that helps you keep your cool. Raw eggs… in coffee? Give it a try: Egg yolk adds satisfying creaminess and healthy fats to this keto breakfast recipe. While it tastes amazing in the morning, it also makes a beneficial post-workout refuel drink — all with only 1 net carb in your mug.

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With notes of vanilla and cinnamon, this is a keto breakfast recipe the whole family can love. First, throw your ingredients into a blender to combine. Then, simply spoon the batter onto a greased griddle pan. These light and thin crepes make the perfect base for low-sugar berries or coconut whipped cream. To make this keto breakfast recipe more Bulletproof, simply use water or coconut milk instead of almond milk. At just over 1 net carb per crepe, you can have your breakfast and eat it too. This keto breakfast recipe transforms coconut flour, non-dairy milk, and eggs into crisp and fluffy waffles.

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With 4 net carbs in each waffle, they make the perfect addition to a plate of bacon and eggs. For a Bulletproof spin on this recipe, use full-fat coconut milk and grass-fed butter as your dairy choices. Light and sweet crepes get a star treatment from a thick dark chocolate sauce and chunks of sweet strawberries. Best of all, this indulgent recipe is only 5 net carbs.

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Use grass-fed butter or dairy-free coconut oil to keep this keto breakfast recipe Bulletproof. No berries? No problem. Instead, this keto breakfast has your crepes swimming in a thick almond butter-based chocolate sauce. With a make-ahead batter option and 3 net carbs per filled crepe, this recipe is totally easy and keto-friendly.

Use full-fat coconut milk, raw almond butter, and grass-fed butter to keep it Bulletproof. We found the perfect tortilla substitute in this keto breakfast recipe: A gently cooked pastured egg. Tortilla Soup with Lime Crema Calories: See the complete Tortilla Soup with Lime Crema recipe. Mexican Poblano Stuffed Peppers Calories: Thanks to the rice and beans in our poblano stuffing, this vegetarian dish is an excellent source of complete protein. See the complete Mexican Poblano Stuffed Peppers recipe. Skip the takeout, and make your own sushi. simply simply satisfying

See the complete California Rolls recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the grilled peaches in this succulent salad. Our nutty vinaigrette lends lots of flavor and texture without abundant calories. Wakame Rice Salad with Tofu Calories: This vegetarian meal is loaded with magnesium. See the complete Wakame Rice Salad with Tofu recipe. Yes, yes and yes! This mouthwatering soup, packed with color and served chilled, overflows with flavor, not calories. Southwest Quinoa Salad Calories: This dish is part of our collaboration with the American Heart Association.

Its southwest ingredients including corn, black beans, cilantro and citrus have made this slimming salad a hit! See the complete Southwest Quinoa Salad recipe. See the complete Spice-Rubbed Tofu Steaks recipe. With the equivalent of half an orange per serving, this flavorful, budget-friendly fish dish is full of nutrients and ready in just 25 minutes! This quick casserole, brimming with halibut, beans and veggies, offers a Mexican burrito fix without the usual grease and soaring calorie count!

Start that grill and get your drinks on ice—it's time to get your crowd fed and happy with these clean holiday favorites. Skip the nitrate-laden hotdogs and fatty burgers. Keep it lean and clean with these flavor-packed grilling ideas. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, these meatless miracles are packed with flavor and take no more than 30 minutes hands-on time!