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Menage3 by Steven R. Green

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Based on the analysis of our linguistic needs our teacher created a tailored program as to people who need English language training for business and corporate jobs. Instead of pushing the cocky sailor away, Tabby's husband aims to please.

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He makes a bold move and invites Raul into his home--with his wife. For Tabby, seduction has become a game, and she and her husband enjoy toying with strong studs, throwing them to the side when they are done. Until now Rayann Kendal , Hedon Press.

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Tempting Her Away: Rosa has been watching the hot, young studs who just moved in next door. Hunting Her Man: A naval officer and his wife indulge in a naughty habit. Catching Her Man: The heart pulls in two directions.


A long lasting fire and a new, tempting flame. Carmen disobeys orders to remain home - she believes she knows where the feuding young men are meeting - and wouldn't it be just so romantic if the object of their passions ran to them - pleading for them to spare one another?

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Imagine Carmen's surprise when the two young gentlemen's intentions are not as innocent as she is. They have her alone, and they demand satisfaction. Will Carmen's Victorian sensibilities prevail, or will the two gentlemen open her up to a world of illicit desires? By: Rayann Kendal.