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Sex slavery: Anna Ruston’s book Secret Slave claims she was kept for 13 years

The tabernacle in the church - a box-like vessel usually used to store bread and wine for the consecrated Eucharist — was opened up to be made into one of the secret entrances to the slave tunnels. When slavery was abolished by Ramon Castilla, the tunnels were used as burial grounds for some of the workers who died on the land.

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Most of the deaths were caused from the harsh punishments dealt out by the notorious owners. In the Pisco and Chincha earthquake, a new entrance to the underground tunnels was discovered after part of the floor collapsed. Two groundwater deposits were also revealed.

Overview: History: Built at the end of the 17th century, Hacienda San Jose used to be one of the main haciendas across the Peruvian coast. Information: By the 18th century, the Hacienda had vast quantities of land where good quality cotton and sugar was being grown. Weather: What to bring: Gallery:. Highlighting the bleakness of such startling disparity, the narrator compels the audience to be a part of changing these Facts.


After surviving a year civil war and a government riddled with corruption, Liberia is ready for change. On January 16, , Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was inaugurated President — the first freely elected female head of state in Africa. Having won a hotly contested election with the overwhelming support of women across Liberia, Sirleaf faces the daunting task of lifting her country from debt and devastation.

She turns to a remarkable team of women, appointing them in positions such as police chief, finance minister, minister of justice, commerce minister and minister of gender.

Secret Slave: Kidnapped and abused for 13 years. This is my story of survival.

In Iron Ladies, we follow them behind the scenes during their critical first year in office as they tackle indolent bureaucracy, black markets and the omnipresent threat of violent riots. Through a seemingly unlikely means, this film unpacks how women are able to play a key role in climate change adaptation and help build resilient communities. One Extra Year uncovers the myriad of ways in staying one extra year in school benefits both the girls themselves and the wider society.

Acknowledging the numerous barriers which inhibit girls continued learning, this film makes a powerful case for greater investment in girls education. In the form of an imagined letter to her Father, a woman details how systemic gender inequality excludes women from positions of power. The letter openly asks, how women can become a part of these spaces, calling on the listener to help make this possible.

Rafea is the second wife of a Bedouin husband. She is selected to attend the Barefoot College in India that takes uneducated middle-aged women from poor communities and trains them to become solar engineers.

Secret Slave

Learning about electrical components and soldering without being able to read, write or understand English is the easy part. Every single day Every single day at least two women are acid-attacked in India.

On the African continent more than three million girls and women are circumcised every year. The statistics are frightening, yet things are moving in the right direction, due to the efforts of many strong advocates around the globe.