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While much of the airfield no longer exists, a few building remain in addition to a memorial to the 8th USAAF. Address: 4 miles Northeast of Kettering. Jefferies Farm is the ancestral home of President Jimmy Carter.

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The Farmhouse is still standing and can be viewed by the public. This Kennedy memorial in Runnymede was built in honor of the President and is also the site where the Magna Carta was signed. Kennedy Memorial in Runnymede. This meeting house held the early meetings that lead to the founding of the Quaker denomination.

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On this site William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania and leader in the Quaker denomination, and family are buried. Among the artifacts in this large Church is a monument honoring President Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Church, Hingham, England. Lamb House was the home of author and literary critic Henry James for almost twenty years.

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Information can be found at the National Trust website. Leeds Castle has a number of historical ties to America. The memorial commemorates the Pilgrims departure in While preparing to leave England with husband Mr. John Rolfe, Pocahontas fell ill and was brought ashore at St. Pocahontas had arrived in England from Virginia and became an attraction to the British public as an example of a nonwhite person who could live in high society.

In a memorial tablet was built in her memory. Captain John Smith, one of the founders of Jamestown and earliest settlers of America has a rich history throughout Lincolnshire, England. It is possible to trace much of his life and family heritage throughout the area. The trail makes for an exciting day trip through an often neglected area of England. Winthrop arrived in America in with a group of Puritan settlers. A stained glass window in the Church remembers his life a contributions to America.

Full details are available on the Sulgrave Manor website. Explore the town to find his statue and his grammar school that dates from the 12 century. Address: Norfolk, England, UK. The RMS Titanic left from Southampton with a crew of mainly Sotonians and many prominent Americans destined for New York and is remembered with a number of sites in Southampton including this large memorial.

Visit the National Trust website for more. Disclaimer This listing of events, performances and other activities is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the U. All opinions expressed by the artists, writers, and performers participitating or contributing to the events listed are those solely of the participants and contributors and not of the United States Government or its designated representatives.

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BloodyPenguin Last Online 4 days ago. See all collections created by BloodyPenguin and other people some may be hidden. Subscribe to download Any Road Outside Connections. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Penguin's Transport Realism Project. Adds outside connections to all roads. Popular Discussions View All 1. Captain Toof 7 Sep pm. Why are you constantly talking about highways?

Simple 2L road also may lead outside.

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Super, only problem I have is that it doesn't appear to work on the 2 lane highway. Hello, Thank you so much for this wonderful mod.

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You are the God of the mod. They are all great. Sunstoorm 17 Aug pm. I had this mod for years now Dannage 4 Apr am.

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So I was confused by a map that had loads of random outside connection roads and I went over everything that this had, because he had both these mods for outside connections as well, but turns out even without the mods, mass transit DLC allows you to connect two lane highways off map so whilst it limits my audience a little, that's what I'll be using to maintain my two lane highway right to the edge. Still -any- mode by the mighty penguin is worth your time so, please continue!

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