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Something about my brain stops me from being able to coherently memorise a series of words. What I can do is understand the meaning behind the words. There was something I learnt about writing that really helped me improve. Luckily, one of my English tutors taught me something important. He taught me that the purpose of writing is to express ideas. This might be obvious to you all, but back then I believed that writing was about writing well. Kind of like how dancing is for the dance itself.

It sounds simple and stupid but from then on, I created a two-step formula that would go on to define my writing style today. Understand the ideas behind the text. Write as if I was explaining it to someone. Of course, English tested your understanding of techniques like similes and metaphors so I always knew to sneak them into my essays but that was my general approach towards writing.

It made writing a lot easier because I was able to just write how I understood the ideas behind a text. So I did what I found the easiest. The use of a headset will be enough to guarantee good quality. The script has also been adapted, shortened and simplified to make sure that all users can record their voices, taking into account the difficulties and tiredness they may experience during the sessions.

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Do you want to create your voice? Check out the partners we are working with. Menu Voices. Menu Applications. Menu Solutions. Solutions SDK for developers. While women undeniably bear the brunt of the issue, it ultimately stems from the human tendency to command and control others. Everyone wants to be a boss, but what happens when we mechanize that desire in our most private spheres? Studies showing the increasingly rude behavior of children offer one bleak picture.

Even as companies move to provide alternative settings to the stereotypical fembot AI, prompted by efforts like the Arianna Huffington—backed Equal AI Initiative, a problematic power dynamic remains for voice assistant technology. A chorus of moral tech panic has arisen, demanding a disruption.

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Could self-imposed voice technology be a sort of solution? The experience was at once frightening and alluring; it was like looking in the mirror , coming to terms with both my subjectivity and my self-presentation. Ew, I better not actually sound like this.

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How am I supposed to know? Okay, calm down, Sarah.

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Actually, your voice sounds … better here? You always have my back! Remember that one time you got a speeding ticket because you were bored and challenging yourself to go faster while listening to your country-music playlist that you reserve for interstate highway travel?

God, that was so dumb. You got what you deserved. Oh shit, focus on the road!

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Each car trip became a journey of acceptance, sure, but also a reckoning with what it means to be eternally at war with the body, with what cannot be looked at or listened to too closely, lest it become jarringly unfamiliar. Subtracting the lens of our own biases, breaking down that barrier between the corporeal and the lived experience, we reduce ourselves to the kinds of anonymous monads we brush by on the street — judging from a cool distance, before remembering how little we really know about this swift passerby.

With its ever-present power dynamic, a consistently smooth paradigm of dominance and submission, smart technology voice assistants pose an existential threat to human self-perception. In a world where we are consciously othering inanimate objects, an opportunity to break open that bubble of consciousness, in all its ugly recognition, remains a vital exercise. After all, smart technology can exist without voice commands.